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     These guys did a terrific job cleaning my flat. It was an absolute mess and they got it sparkling clean. I would happily recommend the expert cleaners at Palmers Green Carpet Cleaners.
Bella Misner21/05/2020
      Palmers Green Cleaning Services cleaned my new apartment, and they were very professional. They did a terrific job and made things easy for me, we all know how dreadful cleaning can get! I would hire them again!
     I got a brilliantly clean carpet after using Palmers Green Cleaning Services. They were exceptional from start to finish. There was a lot that needed doing. My carpet was in a really bad state. There were stubborn stains. The colouration was faded in bits. It was a nightmare scenario. But their experts swept in and made everything ok. It was a top service. I'm actually going to get them on board to do my other carpets. I'll have no doubt they'll do a fantastic job.
Kate T.09/10/2018
     We have a professional setting that requires top-notch cleaning. The team at Palmers Green Carpet Cleaners always help us to keep it in top condition.
J. Flanagan01/06/2017
     After years of abuse my living room rug was understandably looking a bit worse for wear. Although my husband suggested that we just buy a new one, the rug fitted in perfectly with the room and I loved it, I really didn't want to get rid of it. I hired the rug cleaning service from PalmersGreenCarpetCleaning and it was the perfect option for me. The rug looks as good as new, and my husband's happy because it saved him some cash!
Anna Adamson10/02/2016

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